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February 11, 2012
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Allegrezza 2 by Zonra Allegrezza 2 by Zonra
A second Commission for CoffeGrunt's story Allegrezza.

This drawing was made for the final chapter of the story, basing the motive of a certain scene in it.

The final chapter in question: [link]

Really do love this drawing, it took its time to get done, but the end result was worth it i think.
Managed to get a nice pose with a good scene surrounding the wonderful little couple! :3

Also my second time trying to make pony cloth drawings, altho i based Vinyl's dress of a drawing Unitoone :iconunitoone: made, i did make all of Octavia's design from the bottom up but still based in the story.

So really hope you will all love it, and be sure to read Coffe's story in all its grandeur!

Unitoone's drawing: [link]

CoffeeGrunt's Allegrezza part one: [link]

1920x1080 Wallpaper version: [link]
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For a long time I haven't been really online on here, so I decided to look at which deviations I missed while I was away. Little did I know what would await me. I saw a little picture of Octavia and Vinyl hugging, so I went and checked it out.

I was instantly baffled at how moving the scenery looks. Both Octavia and Vinyl really convey the mood of being infinitely happy and grateful, especially with the one tear coming down from Vinyls eye. I was so moved by it, that I almost started crying myself.

I really have to laud your drawing style and how close it comes to the actual series, while still displaying your own original style of drawing. Another neat thing is your close attention to detail like the complimenting colours of the dresses, Octavias gem and the fact that you actually went as far as to draw the manes of the audience

I have to admit that I didn't know the story until now, but even without it, the drawing had such a big impact on me that I immediately wanted to read the story after seeing it.

All in all this is "just" another excellent drawing and addition to your canon of awesome pictures, and I really look forward to seeing more drawings by you,
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Ah, yes. Now what is to be said about this piece that has not been said already? Having read the Allegrezza story myself I cannot help but be insanley impressed. Your vision of the mare's dresses is implacable and speaks to your understanding of the story. The way the spitlight falls and the darkness around them conveys the wonderful mood of light and happiness that they give each other. Love truly eminates from them, as it does from the beautful piece itself. The is a kind of softness to the mares and their dresses that such seem to make them go together perfectly. I truly cannot think of any other image for the end of the story to be. Cest' Magnifique!
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Excellent picture for an excellent ship, and an excellent fanfic!
legirian Aug 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This picture is pretty much the reason I read the story in the first place. Simply beautiful.
Thank you, Happy to hear that and that my humble drawings made you read the story :D
just finshed the story now these 2 are my fav couple :3
Yea, they make such an interesting and dynamic duo :D

And i just loved drawing them together, both times :D
I probably will in time :3

Altho have a few other projects lined up for the close future, its a pairing i love :D
well this is my fav pair so im hopeful of that XD
Yea, altho my personal fav pairing would probably be Twixie xD

But Octy Vinyl is in the top :D
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